Tuesday, April 8, 2014

What's on my phone?

I have already seen a lot of videos about this tag on YouTube and have already read a lot of blog posts about this tag and while I was playing around with my phone this morning, I had the idea to do this tag as well.

About my phone:
I have an iPhone 5 which I got after I had been to Spain in February. It has 32GB and I currently have 79 Apps on it. I won't write something about all of my apps now because it would take too long and the post would go on forever, so I will only tell you something about the apps I use the most.

I honestly have to admit that I belong to the group of teens who basically can't live without their phone anymore. It's the first thing I use in the morning and the last thing I put down in the evening, I carry it with me everywhere I go and only leave it at home when I go running or do any other sports. 
I mainly use it to communicate with my friends and that's why I could not live without it, every time I accidentally leave it at home I honestly feel a bit lost because I can't just quickly text some friends if I have a question or I can't just look something up on the Internet if I need to.

But I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels like that and there are a lot of others out there who need their phones as much as I need mine.

1st page:
Well the first page of my phone basically consists of the apps I use daily and need the most. The majority of the apps are social media ones I use to communicate with friends or just the usual apps that come with the phone and can't be deleted (ex: Messages, Face Time, Calender, Photos, Maps, App Store etc.)

Social Media:

WhatsApp: This is probably the app I use the most. It's a messenger similar to iMessage or Kik. Here in Germany it's very popular and basically everyone has it on their phone. Almost all of my friends use it and so it's our way to communicate with each other.

Snapchat: I guess all of you know what this app is about. Through it you can send pictures to others and they can view them for a limited amount of time (between 1 and 10 seconds).

Skype: You can video chat with your friends over it.

Facebook + Facebook Messenger: Just the normal Facebook app and the app to access the messenger and send messages to your friends.


Polyvore: The app for the website. If you don't know it yet, check it out. It's really cool.

Evernote: An app to take notes, but the perks of it are that you can access these notes from all your mobile devices and from your laptop as well.

Wanelo: An App where you can find clothes, accessories, home decor etc. You can add them to wish lists and buy them if you want to.

Beautylish: An app about beauty products and tips. There are a lot of reviews and tips about make up and also a forum where you can talk to other if you have any beauty related questions.

T-Zero: A countdown app. I really like it because it's for free but you can set different countdowns without buying a full version. I have countdowns for my next vacation, my vacation in Majorca in May, for the day when my best friend will return from America, for my 17th & 18th birthday and so on.

8tracks: It's a bit like Pandora. You can listen to different play lists made by other on there and you can actually find every existing song. And since Pandora isn't available where I live I really think it's a great alternative and it's for free as well.

*All of the mentioned apps are for free :)

2nd page:
The second page consists of some apps I also use daily but mainly of apps I only use once a week or never.


QuizClash: An app where you can play against your friends. You and your friends get the same questions and then you have to try to get more right answers than they do. I don't play it that often but at the moment my mom is addicted to it and so she's forcing me to always play it :DD

Logo Quiz: A game where you have to guess the logos of thousand of brands. It's actually a lot of fun especially if you play it with a group of friends on a long bus ride or a flight.

OrderUp: Definitely the best restaurant game I've ever tried. I don't know what to say about it but you should really try it out.

CandyCrush: You have to try to align three candies of the same color and then they'll burst and you will earn points. It may sound boring now but trust me, it's kinda addicting and it will drive you crazy :D

Episode: A game where you can choose from different stories and play through them as one of the main characters,

Stardom: You play as a young adult who goes to Los Angeles to become a famous actor/actress. You have to complete filming different movies and solve different quests.

Hay Day: The best farm game on the world, most of my friends are addicted to it right now and I am as well :D

Covet Fashion: A fashion game where you can buy clothes and create outfits for different events. You can even win clothes or accessories from very popular and expensive brands.


Blogger: Just the blogger app.

Pinterest: You can "pin" different pictures that interest you and can add them to boards you can create. I always love looking through the beauty and hair tag because there are so many tutorials on how to do your make up and hair.

Twitter: To spread the word about my blog and to follow other bloggers and youtubers ♥

Bloglovin: The app for the website.

Random Apps:

Instagram: An app where you can share pictures and short videos. It's also a great way to follow celebrities and see what's going on in their life.

Tumblr: Another blogging platform mainly focused on pictures. I could spend hours on there and look through all of the amazing pictures and hilarious text posts.

WeHeartIt: If you're looking for inspirational pictures, get this app. It's amazing and I could scroll through all the pictures forever.

Barcoo: A bar code scanner.

dict.cc: Translator, very helpful for school.

FontMaker: Design your own font.

EmojiFree: App to get the emojis on your phone.

WomanLog: An app to keep track of your period.

App of the Day: A free app everyday, some of them aren't really good but sometimes there are some amazing apps that usually cost way too much.

Wattpad: Read books for free. Everyone can post their story on their and make it readable for everyone.

Lifesum + MyFitnessPal: Keep track of what you're eating, of your weight and of your exercises.

And last but not least, my photo editing apps:

Photo Editor
Cream and Sugar

Yes I know I have a lot of editing apps, but all of them are 100% free :)

I hope you liked this post and found some new apps to download!

xoxo, Nina ♥

PS: What's the app you use the most?

Saturday, April 5, 2014


Today I was scrolling through the notes app on my phone with the intention of deleting some of the ones I don't need anymore. And while doing so, I came across a note I created a few months ago. It simply said: start the 365 day challenge.

The 365 day challenge is something I read about on Polyvore a few months ago. At first I couldn't remember what it was about but I know it again and I want to tell you about it because I really like the idea of the challenge.

I guess you're actually supposed to start this challenge at the beginning of the year and then follow it for the rest of it until you can finish it on New Year's Eve. But I actually think it doesn't matter if you start it at the beginning of the year or in the middle of it, as long as you do it for 365 days in a row.

About the challenge:

The challenge is very simple, everything you have to do is to repeat one thing each day until the 365 days are over.

Things you can do:
You don't have to choose something new for every day, you have to choose one thing you repeat every day.

- take a picture each day
- write a quote down in a journal
- learn a new word and its meaning
- try to learn a new instrument, by learning a new chord, note or song each day
- draw something
- write a letter to yourself each day and open them after 365 days
- write a small note with a compliment to someone. Give it to them and make their day.
- write a letter to someone else each day (friends, family, enemies...)
- find a little souvenir each day and put it into a box
- write down the good and the bad things that happened each day
- memorize the lyrics of a new song
- listen to a new song each day
- learn a new makeup tip or technique or a new hairstyle
- try a new DIY you found on the Internet
- collect a sticker
- find a leaf
- design an outfit
- buy a money box and put some money into it each day
- meet someone new each day and also get to know them a bit
- learn a new word in a different language
- write down your personal bucket list and try to complete some of the things each day
- go running, do pilates, do yoga, go swimming etc. Just do sport!
- learn the name of someone you don't know at school/work
- plan out a story and write 750 words of it each day
- compliment someone
- paint your nails in a different color each day
- post something on your blog each day
- start reading more. read a chapter of a book each day.

Don't quit the challenge if you miss one day. It's absolutely fine :)

If you can think of some more things to do, comment them below and I will add them to the list.

xoxo, Nina ♥

Thursday, April 3, 2014


Hi guys!

This is my first post on this blog, well it's actually not really a blog post, it's more of a small introduction.

I'm Nina, I'm 16 and from now on I will be blogging about my life, fashion, beauty and everything else that interests a teenage girl like me.

I used to have a blog but deleted it 1 1/2 years ago because I didn't have enough time to keep it up. but during the last weeks I felt the urge to start a new blog and that's why I'm here now, because I obviously couldn't stay away from blogging for the rest of my life.

Well, I hope you will like my blog and will follow me!

xoxo, Nina ♥